All infrared cameras are not created equal, because infrared camera manufacturers are not all the same. FLIR stands above the rest.

The largest commercial infrared company in the world, FLIR has nearly 50 years of experience building and integrating high-performance infrared cameras

Now that FLIR’s cameras are available for your personal use, Big Sky Home Inspectors chooses to use them in the field. We choose FLIR cameras because it is the same quality technology as what is in Audi and BMW cars as a pedestrian detection system. They also offer class-leading sensitivity of up to <0.02°C for outstanding image quality.

FLIR’s patented multi-spectral dynamic imaging (MSX) etches vital image detail from the visible light image onto the thermal image to help us see where problems are quickly and easily without compromising any of your temperature measurement data.

Download the camera brochure for more detailed information: